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Passionate about making design affordable for micro business owners. Small business design and branding services.

Beautiful papercut wall art, prints and stationery - everything you need for personalised gifts!

The Basics

Just Jane is a local and online boutique design studio based in Quinns Rocks, Perth, Western Australia.

My passion is in helping micro businesses look their best within a budget.

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I offer 'off the shelf' solutions to help micro business owners, including a $5 one hour consultation (I'll buy you a coffee so it kind of makes it free). If you prefer, get in touch by e-mail, phone or message me on Facebook.

Jane Hill is AMAZING at understanding your business and getting arty with it.

I used to like my logo. But a ‘handshake’ doesn’t really explain what a Concierge does. A tick box checklist however, does get the message across quickly and simply ❤️

Without Jane's support, I would probably still have people scratching their heads when they see my logo online.

Thank you Jane, for listening to my ramble about my business, getting to the heart of it, overhauling my old logo so that it truly fits me and doing it so fast too!

Gaby Marshall
Gaby Marshall Business Concierge

About Me

Jane Hill


I have been self employed since 2001, and have done it always as cost effectively as possible! When you are setting up your little biz from home I know that money (or lack of it) is always the priority. I have made a habit of presenting professional looking businesses for very little outlay and now I want to share that knowledge and those skills with others in the same situation.

I have been involved in design for myself and other small businesses throughout this time, and this side is probably my most favourite part. If you need your brand and image spruced up I'll be happy to help! 

To learn more about me and my team visit the About Us page.

I am primarily an online shop, but you are welcome to visit me by making an appointment.

Tunis Cove, Quinns Rocks, WA 6030

By appointment

By appointment